Welcome my soul surfers

You are not here by accident, only the Ones who are seeking for questions will find themselves asking. So let me tell you what you will find on my website now or soon. You will find travel stories and tips how to travel low budget, poetry, philosophy, health articles about nutrition (which basically means some vegan propaganda obviously), fitness and lastly you will find yourself or your purpose of being. I am not going to tell you what it is I can only show you how you can find it within yourself.

I am a traveller, a free spirit that decided to leave university to see the world. And I have to say it is not always easy, sometimes while travelling you feel lost, alone unsafe. Safety is an illusion, you are never safe and for me I do not want to be safe if it means living in a cage. I rather be free.

I started my spiritual journey when I was asking myself if there is more than I can see. Asking myself if I can have more from life was the first step of living my life to the fullest. Accepting you cannot be perfect and that was never the point was the beginning of enjoying myself and being open to new opportunities. And I want you to be open for insights and to discover your true nature and I truly hope I can assist you with that.

Lots of unconditional Love from your Soul Surfer Girl

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