Introducing myselfs

I have 16 personalities but who is the real me?

So one of them believes I live in a simulation, sometimes I think it is the most dangerous of us. I mean imagine living in GTA realizing it is a game and just doing anything to other people and with yourself because every kind of pain is not real, because even your own death is not real.This thought freaks me out, what if all pain you experienced is not real, you suffered because you wanted to or because you weren’t aware. You created your own world of suffering and misery instead of enjoying life. What about being afraid of death when you live in a simulation?

You die, but you will be reborn in a second. Are you still the same person after that or do you change slowly from one identity to another. Do you learn from the mistakes of your previous lifes or is that not a question to ask? I heard a story about a boat. If you work on that same boat and exchange parts of it day after day until every part from the beginning is gone is it the same boat as in the beginning? Living in a simulation. Would that make you immortal, would that make you a god?

Which one is the next and which one of us is the one writing? The Writer obviously. He always loved to explore the limitations of words while the Dancer believes that there is no other no true language but dancing. When you are dancing you speak the truth, you cannot deny it while writing you can make up a fantasy world. Don’t get me wrong, the Dancer and the Writer are no enemies. They exist in harmony and nurture each other, both are part of me and both belong to the artist in me. They work together like colleagues, like organs in our bodies to form a system. A system that ensures my survival. In times where the Writer is about to give up, the Dancer inspires him to dream. ‘Never give up’ she whispers in his ears while holding his hands. ‘But I don’t know how to say this. There are no words for this feeling’

I used to wonder how couples get along being different like day and night. Taking time for understanding myself helps me realize we all are different in ourselves. With differences we can grow, we can have a proper discussion. How boring would life be if you don’t have anything to say to yourself? 

To be continued …

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