What is this all about?

This blog one day will hopefully help confused souls like me. This is not a normal travel blog, just about traveling low budget or take the best pictures you can post on Instagram to make everyone jealous. It is about traveling or rather living with a personality disorder. How I live with it. Traveling to unknown places and still the most unknown I realized is myself. People that get to close to me ask me how I am able to travel on my own and I don't have an answer for it, I just keep going. So you might ask yourself what mental health issues I struggle with, some doctors say it's bipolar, some borderline, the only thing that they agree is, that it is depression and identity disorder. I don't know who or what I am, do you know who you really are?

However, do not worry the purpose of this blog is not about complaining and pitying myself rather quite the opposite. I want to show the ones who suffer how I deal with my craziness, how I find passion and love for life. What helped me taking care of myself, because if I learned one thing then it is that no one is going to take care of you. You have to care for yourself and love yourself. And one important part of myself is veganism, transitioning into a cruelty-free lifestyle helped me a lot with my depression and realizing that we've been conditioned all life long to be good slaves and actually there is so much more to this life and to focus on.

Also, I hope to give 'normal', 'healthy' people an impression of how depression or losing the sense of reality or yourself feel like with my poetry or stories I will share here.

Soulsurfing - my way of living and connecting with beings.


Cloudy Sky

Transition to a vegan lifestyle

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